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Product of the Month - Squirt!

Updated: Mar 14

Welcome to Shipston Spokes' new News page (or Blog as some people call it).

We're all super busy people so we won't be posting and sharing superfluous stuff - we'll share things we feel are important or useful to you, our customers and new and old cyclists alike.

One thing we'll do is pick a product each month we particularly like that might be new out, new to us or just particularly useful right now.

This month it is 'Squirt' Chain Lube. I met these guys at a show in February and had a good in-depth chat about lubrication of chains. We stock a range of cleaning and lubrication products from Finish Line, Much-Off, Fenwick's and more. All carefully chosen to be the best of each in each product category.

We were very impressed with the Lube. It is a wax emulsion rather than an oil based lubricant - so it needs a clean, good chain to be applied to (a new chain for example). Squirt contains 40% wax, about twice that of other brands 'ceramic' lube's. It dries pretty quick (the 60% water is the transport agent for the wax which quickly evaporates), is easy to apply and is immediately silent and smooth. It's also the only lube you'll need all year round - it performs in the wet and is equally robust in summer. No more wet / dry decisions....

Being dry it doesn't pick up the amount of dirt and grit your normal lube does - this is what wears out your drivetrain if you don't regularly degrease, clean and re-lubricate your chain. As it wears off it peels off taking along any light amount of dirt it has collected - you just re-apply fresh emulsion. It's clean, fully bio and contains no nasty's whatsoever.

It's slightly more expensive than your normal bottle of lube at £13.99, but you don't need to buy degreaser or perform the mucky job of degreasing your chain! It will a;lso prolong the life of your chain, so will easily repay itself pretty quickly.

You will also be the quietest cyclist with the smoothest shifting in your group. That's got to be worth the extra £4.......

Pop in to the shop to feel what it's like on one of our bikes. If you fancy making the switch but can't be bothered doing it yourself, why not book you bike in for a drivetrain deep clean and wax emulsion treatment, just £35 which includes a sample bottle of Squirt. Bargain.

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