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“Riding a bike with the wrong position is a bit like trying to run in someone else’s shoes.” 
Sir Chris Hoy

Bike Fitting Services

Bike fitting isn’t something only high performance road cyclists should consider. If you ride a bike (any bike) with any regularity, it is important to ensure you are positioned correctly on your bike to both improve your cycling efficiency, but more importantly to avoid injury. 

We offer basic bike sizing, comprehensive static bike fit, saddle fit and cleat adjustment services. Together, we ensure you buy the right size bike and have it set up specifically for you. We treat bike fitting as a journey with you - everything changes over time and we should review your bike set up with you as seasonal or physical change occurs.

Bike Fitting Service Costs

A full bike fit will take an hour or so in the shop, which covers all the intake measurement data, discussion with you and initial adjustments made to your bike.  You will then ride your bike more comfortably, and know what to ‘listen’ to from your body as you ride. After some initial riding, you’ll know if there is room from your fit for further adjustment which we’ll do together as part of the bike fit  cost.

2D Bike Fit


Cleat Adjustment


Saddle Fit


*All three fit services are offered free when purchasing a bike of £1,500 or more.

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