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Workshop Services

Very much the beating heart of Shipston Spokes, our workshop is here to help you and your bike.

Whether you want a new wheel built (or an old one trued), a Di2 firmware update, investigation into a creaking sound or a sensible seasonal service, we're here and have the knowledge and tools to support you. 

Our approach and our pricing is vey pragmatic to encourage customers to keep their bikes running well.  If you're not sure, give us a call or pop by to chat about your bike.


Mechanical Bike Service and Repair

Whether it’s the 6 monthly routine service, a crash repair or a flat tyre, we’re here to help.

Our workshop services are carried out by a Cytech Certified team who will ensure your bike is treated with the skill and care you would expect from a shop that has customer satisfaction as its’ number one priority.

We only use the best, correctly specified components on your bike to ensure they run smoothly and are a joy to ride. 

We price our workshop services to keep them affordable. We would prefer you brought your bike in for regular, affordable servicing than wait for a worn out bike to be brought in for a huge, costly service!


e-Bike Servicing

Our workshop is Cytech Technical e-Bike certified and is authorised to carry out servicing on Bosch, Mahle and Shimano e-bike systems. 

If you have an e-Bike with any of these systems, it is recomended to have your bike serviced every 12 months or 1,500 miles (mechanical service at 1,500 miles, software service each 12 months). Regular mechanical servicing on e-bikes is critical to keep them running smoothly due to the additional strain they are put under from the various types of motor assist.

Annual software servicing is also highly recommended as each platform releases software updates periodically to improve the working and efficiency of motors, batteries and controllers.

Get in touch to talk about your bike if you are not sure and we can help advise on what you should do depending on the type of e-Bike you have.

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